What Type Of Onion Is Best To Make A Blooming Onion?

I know it seems like a dumb question but should I use a regular yellow onion or a vidalia onion? Or any other type of onion. And if anyone knows some good recipes that would be great. =)

2 thoughts on “What Type Of Onion Is Best To Make A Blooming Onion?

  1. Vidalia Sweet Onions. Buy some that are big, they work best. :)
    Edit: Use the Vidalia Onion making set, it comes with the chopper, a mix and some onion sauce, it works GREAT. :) You can buy it at Wal-Mart

  2. A good Sweet Vidalia or a Maui onion works best you probably want a large one and you want to go with a sweet variety so if you have some sweet variety that is not Vidalia or Maui try it out (Walla Walla, Texas…). As for recipes I guess you would cut it how you would want to cut it and take beer and flour and some seasonings mix them up then add the onion and fry for however long you would need to fry it for making sure to use lots of oil (more oil means less drop in temp. and easier temp. recovery,, means less oil in the food) Usually you probably want to fry about 350-375 but I have never done a blooming onion just onion rings so there might be a temp difference!

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